From our inception in 1987, we have been operating a manufacturing/assembly factory to enhance our competitiveness. Some equipment we manufacture/assemble are:

Contact plate freezer

Contact Plate Freezers

Featuring: Since 1988.
Freezing plate: Wide aluminium alloy extrusion.
Flexible hoses: SS braided hoses.
Doors: Front, back and side for easy access.
Hydraulic: side mounted twin hybraulic cylinders.
Execution: SS structure & cabinet.

Evaporative condenser

Evaporative Condenser

Featuring: Since 2007.
Condensing coil: SS pipe coil (SFC model) or SS pillow plates coil (SFPC model).
Cabinet: Heavy gauged SS 304 plate.
Structure: heavy gauged SS section welded.
Fans: European fans, centrifugal (SPC model) or Axial (SFPC model).

IQF sprial freezer

IQF Spiral Freezer / Tunnel Freezer

Featuring: Since 2004.
Cabinet: SS surface, injected PU cabinet.
Structure: Heavy gauged SS section.
Belt: SS belt with edge guard.
Unit cooler: European CE evaporator.
Control: PLC control with touchscreen operation.
Drive: European gear motor.

Process automation 3

Process Automation

Featuring: Since 2004.
Design and fabrication: Customized to suit requirement.
Belt: Hygienic plastic modular.
Structure: SS execution.
Drive: European gear motor.
Control: VSD operated.


– Pressure vessels for pump vessel, receiver, syphon oil cooling vessel, inter-cooling, surge drum etc

– Herringbone evaporator for block ice production

– Ice bank chiller with ice accumulation coil

– Liquid chilling package

– Electrical starting and control switch board

– Compressor unit

– Condensing unit


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